Bradford in Blue Plaques: The Independent Labour Party

April 15, 2016 Bradford Civic Society

Bradford in Blue Plaques: The Independent Labour Party

Laycocks Temperance Hotel (Independent Labour Party) 

Nominated by Richard Dunbar, Bradford City Councillor 

“Roughly halfway along Kirkgate is Albion Court – a long-forgotten yard with a plaque marking its significance in Bradford’s heritage. 

“This plaque is vitally important to Bradford’s history because it reminds us of the pivotal part our district played in advancing democracy, and setting up a political party that would be founded to advance the cause of workers and protect the poorest and marginalised in society.

 “As a committed socialist and member of the Labour Party,  it makes me proud to know that our city played a key role in putting forward progressive ideas that would fundamentally address the gross inequalities that existed in society; free education and medical treatment, school feeding programmes, housing reform, support for the unemployed, abolition of child labour, an 8 hour workday, plus welfare programmes for the most vulnerable.

“It is a shame that we are still having some of the same struggles today but equally encouraging to know that many in our city are organising to get those progressive changes to make life better for everyone.”