May 17, 2023 Bradford Civic Society


Bradford Civic Society has welcomed news that the so-called “City Village” development has taken a step forwards with the appointment of development partners – but has said that proper public engagement is key to its success.

The Civic Society has called for a “creative” approach to development, with phasing suggested as one way of ensuring quality over quantity. 

Commenting on the latest announcement, Kieran Thompson, of Bradford Civic Society’s Place Panel, said: “Many people will be pleased to hear that City Village plans are progressing but now is the time to meaningfully engage to ensure we develop a place that is properly shaped by the people of this great city.

“We must now question where other cities have failed when developing at pace to merely provide unit numbers. Current development models and building management organisations have had a huge impact on home ownership, type of ownership, length of tenures, lack of community due to transient tenants, and the inability to control rents to ensure they remain affordable for all. We have the opportunity to provide a place that solves these problems. Let’s be creative.

“Bradford Civic Society suggests a phased development approach for the soon-to-be-vacant Oastler Centre site is a potential way of ensuring the area remains active while longer-term plans are developed.

“This is Bradford’s time to design a unique development that provides infrastructure and facilities beyond what is normally deemed acceptable. We also need to see designs for net zero, and consider how circular economy principles can be utilised within the city to benefit everyone.”

Bradford Civic Society plans to host a public meeting in summer to discuss the City Village development in more detail.