“My Bradford doesn’t conform to other people’s ideas” – Guest Blog

September 14, 2017
September 14, 2017 Bradford Civic Society

“My Bradford doesn’t conform to other people’s ideas” – Guest Blog

As part of our Notes from the City series, we ask well-known Bradfordians to share their thoughts about what the city means to them and how it’s developing as a place. This time, Rev Graeme Dutton – the popular Methodist minister known for his love of craft beer – shares some views from his BD1 patch…

If you spend enough time somewhere you begin to learn it’s rhythms, it’s ebb and flow. After a while, in a city, you can feel it breathe and sense it’s heartbeat.

The heartbeat of my city isn’t like anywhere else…

This city has a rhythm all of its own. It doesn’t conform to other people’s ideas or care what you think.

This city has all of the airs and none of the graces, it gave up on those long ago. Beautiful buildings stand next to concrete monstrosities.

Here we’re young with a vintage style. Raw and grime covered but honest, hard working and creative. In this city, it seems, no one ever really grows up. It’s rock and punk, beautiful and brave behind a layer of fierceness.

And I love it.

Rev Graeme Dutton, September 2017.

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