Photo competition: Share your snaps of Bradford district’s best streets and neighbourhoods!

March 1, 2019 Bradford Civic Society

Photo competition: Share your snaps of Bradford district’s best streets and neighbourhoods!

Show your pride in the district’s diverse places and spaces, and your photograph could feature in Bradford Council’s new design guide…

Have you got a snap of a stunning city street? Or perhaps you live in a delightful new district development? If so, we want to see some snaps that show a real pride of place in the Bradford district’s streets and neighbourhoods.

Bradford Civic Society know that the Bradford district has some truly great streets, full of interesting houses and flats, people, lively communities, planting, trees and green spaces which provide a unique setting for community life. At the same time, Bradford Council is looking to set out high-quality standards for new homes and neighbourhoods in the district in a comprehensive new design document that will offer guidance for future house-builders.

The new guide — called Homes and Neighbourhoods: a Guide to Designing in Bradford — is being produced following months of consultation and research in Bradford, and now it needs some extra iconic images of our proud places to show future house-builders what people really value in the district.

We want the new document to show housing (new and old) throughout the whole of the Bradford district that is loved and cared for by its occupants, or admired by others who pass by. The challenge is to photograph development that represents architecture, housing and street design at its best. Some examples will no doubt show a distinctively Bradford way of making places.

With the help of Bradford Civic Society and the district’s budding photographers, Bradford Council hope to include the winning photos within Homes and Neighbourhoods: a Guide to Designing in Bradford.

How to enter

The easiest way to share an image is by using social media, via Instagram or Twitter.
On Instagram, we have set up a special feed for the month of March called @StreetsOfBradford – simply tag us into your photographs or use the hashtag #BradfordStreets so that images can easily be found.
If you’re sharing a snap on Twitter, don’t forget to tag @BradfordCivic in the picture, and also try to use the hashtag #BradfordStreets too.
The deadline for entry is Sunday 31 March, when the competition closes.

Top tips and a few rules

  • We encourage as many unique and creative pictures as possible, but we’ve also put together a few top tips to highlight what will work well within the new design guide.
  • Pictures that show off the diversity of the district are encouraged — particularly if it’s of an area or neighbourhood that isn’t photographed often.
  • We encourage photos of homes facing on to green, people-friendly streets that look inviting.
    Streets or neighbourhoods where people clearly care about their front garden and have pride in where they live are also encouraged.
  • We are also interested in photos of lively streets full of people. However please note that, due to Data Protection laws, photos should avoid images of people who could easily be identified. Therefore please avoid photographing faces or other identifying features close up.
  • Crowds of people where individuals cannot be identified are acceptable. Where individuals can be identified, side shots or shots of their backs are generally ok to use in publicity materials.
  • We want to show off the Bradford district in all its natural glory, so please avoid strong filters or black and white shots.
  • Finally, make sure we are able to contact you in the event that your image is selected for use in the guide.

Terms and conditions

By entering your photo into the competition, you agree to its potential use (if you are a winner) in the published (in print or online, or both) document entitled ‘Homes and Neighbourhoods: a Guide to Designing in Bradford’.
The winning images may also be showcased on the big screen in Bradford City Park and may be used in Bradford Civic Society promotional material.
Your images and details will not be sold to a third party and will be used only for the purposes outlined above. Images will be stored for a maximum of five years.
To be considered for publication, images need to be at high resolution (at least 1MB in size), so please keen any originals that you take on a phone in case they need sending separately.  If an individual can be identified in an image, either the image will not be used, or it may be pixelated or edited to protect their identity.
All images must have been taken in the last five years, and must be within the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council boundary area.