Bradford in Blue Plaques: Miriam Lord

April 10, 2016 Bradford Civic Society

Bradford in Blue Plaques: Miriam Lord

Miriam Lord 

Nominated by Catherine Simes, writer and editor of the You Can Take the Girl Out of Bradford website 

“Miriam Lord was a pioneering Bradford lass whose legacy continues to this day. She was a leader of the nursery school movement and in promoting the importance of outdoor education and play. Working in infants schools in Manningham in the early part of the last century, and as headteacher of Lilycroft Nursery School, Miriam’s work was recognised worldwide – her schools received visitors from around the world who came to learn from her practices.

“Although Bradford at the time was a rich city, that wealth did not trickle down to many of the children Miriam Lord taught and poverty was rife. Her schools were founded to meet local children’s social, medical and educational needs with the idea that you can’t begin to educate a child if they’re too hungry to learn. As a founder member of the Independent Labour Party she combined her strong political values with her belief in the importance of education – a woman after my own heart.

“Like all truly great ideas, Miriam Lord’s work is once again being recognised as vital to children’s health and development. Her influence on the education of young children can still be seen today with the importance of Sure Start centres and the outdoor and forest schools that are gaining in popularity all over the world.”

This blue plaque was installed in 2007 by the group, Bradford: City for Peace, as part of a special peace trail. Other plaques from this series will feature later in the week.