Bradford in Blue Plaques: Delius

April 29, 2016 Bradford Civic Society

Bradford in Blue Plaques: Delius

Caspian House   

Little Germany’s connection to a world-famous musician. Nominated by Bradford 2025. 

“Where in Bradford city centre would you encounter one of the world’s best known classical composers? 

“On East Parade, Little Germany, a small plaque marks the former offices of “D.Delius” – a German wool merchant who was the father of the great international composer, Frederick Delius. 

“A true globetrotter for his time, Delius lived and worked in France, Florida, Germany and Norway, yet the likes of Classic FM and BBC Radio 3 will always refer to him as “the boy from Bradford”. The latter station broadcast a whole festival dedicated to Delius a few years ago, curated by renowned violinist Tasmin Little (who has a music centre at Bradford uni named in her honour). 

“There’s a little bit of noise made about Delius in Bradford: his name pops up every now and then (like at the brilliant Delius Arts & Cultural Centre on Great Horton Road); the leaf sculpture in Exchange Square was commissioned in his honour; and there used to be a student pub called “Delius Lived Next Door” on Claremont in a house, well, next door to where Delius lived… 

“Frederick Delius, his beautiful music, and his global legacy, are reminders of the gifts that come with being a world city. 

“A city of people from different backgrounds; a city of many talents – both renowned and hidden. A true city of culture…”