As the Bradford Bubble Up festival takes place this weekend, guests at the official launch event were treated to a poem penned by 16-year-old Bradfordian Haris Ahmed.
Here’s the transcript of Haris’s poem for Bradford:
Listen up….
Or should i say bubble up?
Cooking up a storm without pots
What bubbles beneath the surface, 
Actually quite a lot,
See we come together from our different places,
Crevices, lairs, thoughts and bases,
Our bubbles if you will,
Now this event is popping off,
And we’re here to kick it off,
Counting it down now, 
We’re about to lift off,
We celebrate creativity with collaborated art,
No matter how significant we’ve all played a part,
From the foremen, 
To the artists,
And Designers 
To the boring, 
paperwork that someone has to do,
I guarantee everyone in the room is grateful for you,
To the team doing setup and rehearsal,
Dedication appreciation is universal,
We have influencers, 
Politicians and Curators,
The literature festival, Arts Council, Brick Box and more,
So many great faces, occupy this floor,
We’re engaging
Mostly demonstrating,
What it is we need to be,
So I won’t keep you long, 
But this is to you from me,
I say this all the time,
And it sums it up nicely,
What a place to be.
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