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A public debate to discuss the role of brutalism in Bradford.

Bradford Civic Society invites a panel of experts to discuss whether such buildings can ever make a positive contribution to a famously Victorian cityscape in their current form; With the pending refurbishment of the nearby Kirkgate Market (another slab of Bradford brutality) we’ll question whether it’s worth keeping it at all; And we’ll discover whether any of Bradford’s 60s, 70s (and beyond) buildings are worthy of listing and preserving for future generations.

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Can Little Germany ever thrive?

It’s been described as the finest Victorian merchant quarter in Europe, and is undoubtedly one of Bradford’s architectural gems – but are we making the most of Little Germany? Why aren’t its streets full of life?

Bradford Civic Society welcomed Dave West – of Little Germany Action – to talk about their work to make Little Germany a great place in which to live, work and play.

An evening with the ghosts of City Hall

Bradford Civic Society and Bradford Police Museum hosted a nocturnal tour inside City Hall on Halloween. The intimate, lantern-lit tour took in the preserved Victorian cells, and there was a special talk about City Hall’s ghosts held in the historic 1873 Gothic courtroom.
To end the evening, we hosted a candle-lit supper at The Brick Box Rooms on Ivegate – Bradford’s oldest and most infamous street.

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Peace in the City – Tuesday 16 January 2018

The first of the Civic Society’s 2018 meetings welcomes Lauren Padgett of Bradford Peace Museum. Lauren will be talking us through recent developments at the museum, and will share some of their ambitious plans for the future.
Join us from 7pm at The Midland Hotel, Forster Square, on Tuesday 16 January 2018.

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Unseen Undercliffe

Bradford Civic Society invite you to discover the secrets of northern England’s magnificent Victorian cemetery. We heard about Undercliffe’s fascinating history before taking in a short guided walk of some of the cemetery’s more notable sites and grand monuments. The cemetery contains the graves of the city’s rich and famous. More recently it’s provided a backdrop for popular films and TV dramas including BBC’s Peaky Blinders.


What will Bradford City Centre look like in ten years from now? Can the top of town be transformed? Will Bradford become a major railway hub once again?
Bradford Civic Society hosted a panel discussion on the plans that are in the pipeline for Bradford over the next decade. On the panel were representatives from Bradford City Council’s Department of Place including Bhupider S Dev, Saira Ali and Tom Jones.